Kinnordy Estate


Engagement and Consultation

We are always keen to engage with community organisations and members of the local community. Please do feel free to contact us at the Estate Office.

At Kinnordy we are proud of the work that we do with several of the great community groups in Kirriemuir, including Sustainable Kirriemuir, Webster’s School, the Kirriemuir Community Garden and many others.

We are currently working on a plan for Caddam Wood. The map attached will show you some of the intended works, to remove some of the timber to enable more natural regeneration and more bio-diversity. We are also looking to restore the area planted with mature Scots pine, eliminating some of the competition from other species. While Caddam is a planted landscape it is a great asset for all the people of Kirriemuir, and with a little work we think we can make it even better.

Once the forestry works are complete we will look to repair and restore some of the paths and drainage, replacing some of the old seats and bridges within the wooded area.